Offerings, Pledges and Tithes 

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Your Offerings, Pledges and Tithes Are Always Appreciated!

Those not at the services in person may mail their pledges, tithe or offerings to the church as follows:

Church of Our Savior
C/O Ashford Clunie
1000 Jersey Lane NE
Palm Bay, FL 32905

COOS Legacy Program for Parish Endowment
As you are aware, Church of Our Savior has started a Legacy Society Program in order to establish a parish endowment for the future of the parish. A special Legacy account was set up for all such resources received to be secured, (not to be used for current operations of the church), to fund the endowment. Overall, the program encourages members to please remember Church of Our Savior in their Wills and estate planning. Lump sum financial donations or other material donations are possible through this program. Contact the Parish Treasurer or the Wardens about the variety of ways that one can contribute or participate. This is for the benefit of the parish future. Please be a part of this program to the extent that you are able. 

Rev. Dr. Dee Wellington Bright, Rector


(321) 723.8032
1000 Jersey Lane NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905