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As you navigate our website, we hope you gain a glimpse of what God has done and continues to do through our parish family. You are welcome to pay us an in-person visit at any of our services or parish events.

For those seeking a church home in the area, please be open to the possibility that this could be where God is leading you.

The Episcopal Church of Our Savior has ministered to Palm Bay City and its surrounding communities since 1960. As a multicultural and multiracial congregation, it continues to serve all people through the power of the Holy Spirit with a purpose of seeing lives transformed for Christ. We commit ourselves to the local and global mission of the gospel through a variety of programs and ministries for which we are esteemed as a congregation with a heart for the world.

For our members, as you frequent this site, we hope you be reassured of ways in which God is at work among us as a congregation and be more inspired to continue to do your part in the ministry of God’s Kingdom.

And always remember this, “Nothing done for God is ever wasted!” Again, Welcome to our parish website.






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The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe 

The 81st General Convention of the Episcopal Church which convened on June 23-28 in Louisville, Kentucky” ended with the election of Bishop Rowe as the next Presiding Biship to succeed The Most Rev. Michael Curry.

The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe was elected and confirmed June 26 to serve as the 28th presiding bishop. His nine-year term as presiding bishop, the face and voice of The Episcopal Church and its chief pastor, officially begins Nov. 1. He is the current diocesan bishop of Northwest Pennsylvania and bishop provisional of Western New York

The presiding bishop has a range of responsibilities, as outlined by The Episcopal Church Constitution and Canons. Those include presiding over the House of Bishops, chairing Executive Council, visiting every Episcopal diocese, participating in the ordination and consecration of bishops, receiving and responding to disciplinary complaints against bishops, making appointments to the church’s interim bodies, and “developing policies and strategies for the church and speaking for the church on the policies, strategies and programs of General Convention.”

The Most Rev. Michael Curry, the former bishop of North Carolina, concludes his nine-year term on Oct. 31, and Bishop Rowe will take office the following day, with a Nov. 2 installation expected to take place at Washington National Cathedral, the traditional seat of the presiding bishop. (Source: The Episcopal News Network)

Julia Ayala Harris 

The 81st General Convention also re-elected Julia Ayala Harris to continue as President of the House of Deputy. As indicated in our prior editorial of this paper, the General Convention splits its authority between the House of Deputies and House of Bishops. Unlike the presiding bishop, who is elected to head the House of Bishops for a nine-year term, the House of Deputies president is elected to a term that spans from one General Convention to the next – typically three years – and can be re-elected for two additional terms. (Source: The Episcopal News Network) 

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